Scope: Brand Design
Client: Reservio
Reservio is an appointment booking software that allows businesses to easily manage their booking and for customers to book services online in just a few clicks.
The goal was to refresh and unify the image of the company and create flexible visual language that can work across different platforms online and offline as well.
The goal of the project was to refresh and strengthen the image of the fast-growing company, but maintain the reference to old style in respect for the established users.

Reservio wanted to release new branding along with the launch of new consumer-oriented products allowing users to book appointments, lectures, lessons in just a few clicks. Which meant that the most suitable approach was to be similar to lean approach in development. Later that proved to allow flexibility and quick iteration on the style elements that became the foundation of the design system.

Thee key key words for the strategy was simple, bold, inspiring and modern.
Stage 1: Analysis & Research
Research and Stakeholders Interviews
Visual Audit, Brand Audit

Stage 2: Visual Development
Brand Revision and Visual Experiments
Development of the Elements: Logo, Typography, Basic Design Principles

Stage 3: Implementation
Design Guidelines as foundation for Design System
Continuous integration of new branding across all products and plarforms

Old logotype

New logotype

I decided to keep the most recognisable parts of the logo - "bookmark" and cut of the letters "r" and "v". The latter presented quite a challenge and finally the suitable typeface was found, Venn typeface. It refreshed the image of the logo and products as well, but still similar in shape to Roboto that was used before.
As the new brand strategy outlined the necessity to create master brand and translate it to business and consumer apps. With red being the brand color, but as analysis proved to be very aggressive in the interface I limited it to be used as a highlight and introduced blue and gradient for ui elements. Also in consumer product the inverted color scheme also indicated bolder, brighter approach.
New branding guidelines defined basic principles for design system. Evaluating the project a year after it can be said that products look modern and stand up to their more established competitors among appointment booking apps. Visual language is still evolving but allows for great flexibility that is required in product development and is recognisable in offline channels too. Minimalistic and bold approach was embraced be the team and adapted in the many aspects of operation.
Bookmark of the logo and main icons transform into recognisable visual language in the app and even new office space

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